Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How Women See Themselves vs How Others See Them

I coach and have coached a large number of gorgeous, amazing, talented, capable, wonderful Women;  and I'm still amazed how they can often lack confidence in themselves.  If you were to meet them, you would know exactly what I mean.  These Women are smart, beautiful, caring, funny, warm and above all brave and courageous....even if just for hiring me to work with them :)

I am inspired and motivated by them, and as a coach I learn so much from each one, not just for myself but for other clients.  There is a wonderful sharing of ideas that these Women contribute to more than they realise. I often feel like a conduit between them.  By them coming to me and sharing their dreams, their concerns, their fears and their lives, they are indirectly helping each other and often their fears and concerns are exactly the same.  Funny huh?  I think this wonderful and moving video demonstrates this beautifully.  A wonderful experiment with profound results.

How Women See Themselves vs How Others See Them

Girls, ladies,'s to us!

How about sharing this with another beautiful Woman that you know?  Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend Jo who forwarded this link to me in the first place.

Keep playing and laughing.

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