Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brave, Quirky Fashion Still Rocks No Matter What Your Age

An email arrived in my inbox today from our own special Kiwi fashion entrepreneur and extraordinaire, Karen Walker.  Not from her personally of I wish!! I am on the "Karen Walker" mailing list along with all the others that have bought something from this inspired fashion house.

What a treat this email proved to be.  One of those that makes me smile.  And why? Because it features a link to her latest blog article on older women rocking her high fashion, quirky, unique, worn by many famous (including my gorgeous hairdresser) sunglasses.  How much fun is it to see the more mature, lived in, faces of experience modeling these high fashion items instead of the usual stunning, smooth skinned, not yet lived in, faces of youth?  A refreshing change.

Love it, love Karen Walker's style and approach.  She is a wonderful example of an innovative, unique, non conforming, creative individual that helps to rock our World!  I hope you enjoy looking at these ladies and reading all about them, as much as I did.

Happy looking!

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