Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Uncanny Instinct & Mistimed Tackles!

The title of this post are words that Danny Boyle used to describe Tessa Ross at a special achievement award at the UK BAFTAs this weekend.

I had never heard of her, this lady, who is a powerhouse at Film 4 (Channel 4) and when you listen to her and Danny's speeches you will understand why, maybe.  A quiet genius.  Once I heard these speeches I certainly wanted to know more about her.  She is an award winning UK film executive and the controller of Film and Drama at Channel 4 and Film 4. She is also a director of the Royal National Theatre and a Governor of The National Film and Television School.  She is a natural talent spotter.  What an inspiring lady.  I am sure you will agree.

What comes across to me when watching the BAFTAs (whilst puffing up my patriotic chest) is the non Hollywood style of humour, compassion and emotion that shines from these talented artists that entertain and inform us.  Being British I feel proud of the BAFTAs and it always provides me with a wonderful sense of celebration mixed with so much fun and revelry. I enjoy every minute of watching Stephen Fry as the host.  Another talented, generous, warm and funny creative.  However, Tessa's speech was indeed my highlight, and my reward for myskying the BAFTAs! What I would do to attend one of the after parties, can you imagine the atmosphere?

I recommend you watch the video of Danny Boyle's introduction to Tessa first and then watch her speech.  Sadly I can't find a link to the montage of her work that Danny showed during his speech, as that helps to set the scene and better explain the talents of this Woman. She has been involved in so many quirky, funny productions including Slum Dog Millionaire and Seven Psychopaths, which I saw just recently and it made me laugh out loud so much. Love her style.

The last link is the text copy of her speech which has been put up on Channel 4's blog as they received such a positive overwhelming response to her appearance and presentation.  Love her work!

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